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Testosterone: The Backbone Of Steroids

testosterone-the-backbone-of-steroidsSteroids are also known as Anabolic Steroids and many types of steroids are occurring naturally in hormones as well as in vitamins. These steroids are made of testosterone derivatives and are manufactured in laboratories which have the same chemical structure as the male sex hormones. It has the muscle building and the masculinizing effects which are why there are so many athletes that are interested in using steroids. They also have medical uses that are promoting weight gain as well as muscle development for those who have undergone surgery. They are also used in farm animals when they are in need of more weight.

What are the other uses of steroids?

Anabolic steroids are rarely prescribed to humans however they can also be used in treating impotence and puberty as well as the wasting of the body which can be caused by AIDS and other types of diseases. The supplements, on the other hand, are converted into testosterone or to other similar compounds in the body. You can find that there are many pharmaceutical companies that manufacture steroids and they can deb obtained through a prescription. This is why you would need to talk to your doctor and get proper medical advice on whether or not you are allowed to use steroids and that it won’t have a detrimental effect on your body.

You can ingest steroids orally since they can be found in form of capsules and tablets. They can also be taken in form of injections as well as in creams or gels where you can rub them on the skin. You should also have a period of cycling where you take and not take the drugs so that the body can recover normal hormonal levels. The steroids are made of testosterone derivatives which is why you should also be careful of how much you are planning to take in. Always make sure you are not overdosing yourself and that you allow it to settle into your body.