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Is Carrageenan Bad? The World Health Organization Says No

There are many websites on the Internet that claim that the consumption of the substance called carrageenan is bad for the health and may cause ulcer and cancer to any person who consumes carrageenan. There is no truth in these claims because the experiments behind these claims used a different kind of substance thinking that it is the same as carrageenan. They used the substance called poligeenan. Consuming poligeenan is harmful to the body. However, is carrageenan bad? This article has listed some of the reasons why carrageenan is safe for the body according to the World Health Organization.

Safe for Consumption

The reason why carrageenan is safe the consumption of people is that it is made from red algae or seaweeds which are naturally produced in the environment. It is used as a thickening agent and as a food binder. This substance can be a substitute for gelatin and can be an option for those people who do not eat meat. It is actually used in many types of food that are made today. Some of these products are milk, yogurt, tofu, and coconut milk. You would also ask, is carrageenan bad? Because carrageenan is being used as an additive to types of food that are being sold in the market, this means that it is safe for the consumption of all the people.

Health Benefits of Carrageenan

Carrageenan is used to cure sicknesses and diseases. Consuming it will cure coughs, bronchitis, and intestinal problems that a person might experience. The French actually used this substance with the addition of acid and high temperature in treating any person who is suffering from peptic ulcers. This form of carrageenan by the French is also used as a bulk laxative. There are also people who directly apply carrageenan to their anus or to the skin to relieve themselves of any discomfort that they are feeling.